Who We Are



Our agenda is simple. We support candidates who are will work on policy around:


  • Ending Police Brutality
  • Protecting black women from abuse
  • Ending Mass Incarceration




The history of 1911 United began with the friendship and political achievements of two members of America’s Historically Black College and Fraternities. While celebrating their Fraternity’s 100 Year Conclaves, these two conceived that even more could be done in the histories of both fraternities. From there, the two members of each fraternity gave birth to the idea of creating an organization to assist in the re-election efforts of our first African American President, President Barack Obama. The historical significance and reasons anchoring the founding of these two Fraternities is justification enough for us to embark on this life changing endeavor.

The vision is for us to work together to build an army of Obama supporters across the United States. We will encourage every supporter of our President to volunteer for at least one day, one hour, or even one minute in order to re-elect President Barack Obama. If every citizen who believes in having a competent, responsible leader can do at least ONE thing to further our President’s support across America, we will not fail.

The mission of 1911 United is to invigorate the electorate across all 7 battleground states to not only take responsibility for educating themselves on the electoral process, but to also encourage all who will listen to re-elect the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Yes, our goals include registering millions of voters. Yes, our goals include recruiting an army of volunteers for President Obama. However, our primary objective in this endeavor is to simply educate voters on the issues most pressing to their financial, social, educational, and occupational outlooks. People need to know who they are voting for and why. People need to be abreast of pertinent issues that will affect our children for years to come. This is why Ques and the Nupes have partnered up to spearhead a new movement for our country, an educationally uplifting and powerful movement. We need YOUR help. Are you in? I’m in!