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    Cleveland, Ohio’s mayoral primary will take place this year on September 12th followed by the general election on November 7th. Cleveland City Councilman Jeff Johnson is an early frontrunner. He currently represents Ward 10, but was first appointed to City Council in 1984 to serve Ward 8. A graduate of Collinwood High School, Johnson was born and raised in Cleveland. He went on to receive his B.A. in Telecommunications from Kent State University, M.A. in political science, and graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Law.



    Johnson has been a public servant for over three decades, championing the causes of economic development, criminal justice reform, and reducing violent crime. Having served in City Council, in the Ohio State Senate, and briefly in Mayor Jane Campbell’s cabinet, Johnson understands government and knows how to use government to effect change in Cleveland’s communities. His comprehensive and aggressive plan for economic development includes developing job training programs for residents and using public funds to leverage private investment dollars in Cleveland neighborhoods. Johnson knows that for too long, the use of public funds for downtown economic development has neglected neighborhoods and excluded local business owners. Johnson is committed to putting neighborhoods first and supporting minority, female, and local-based businesses through the establishment of a micro business and entrepreneurial grant program. Johnson believes in taking a public health approach to reducing violent crime in Cleveland and would provide leadership to respond to the social and economic issues that cause crime.


    Johnson would also fight to improve police accountability through the full implementation of the federal consent decree and neighborhood partnerships that mend the distrust between communities and police. Johnson supports raising the minimum wage to $15 and hour and says that all Cleveland residents “deserve more opportunities to succeed and achieve their dreams, and be included in the future progress of Cleveland.”




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    Men Against Domestic Violence

    As the national debate continues around violence against women, children, and in the workplace, many are left without the resources and direction to adequately address the situation before them. 


    Along with telling people that they should never commit an act of violence, equally as important, we must give them the tools through conflict resolution and other means on how to be successful.


    As an organization birthed in the leadership of two national fraternities, with a history of achievement and uplift, 1911 United is uniquely positioned to make a difference.


    By speaking out against domestic violence on college campuses, and in other places, 1911 United can begin the process of giving young folks the tools they need to be successful in ending domestic violence.  Of particular interest, is reaching men. Men are committing the abuse, men are being abused, but many men have failed to be a part of the solution.                                         





    Speaking engagements include partnerships with local and national organizations committed to ending domestic violence.    Topics include, but are not limited to:


    What Is Domestic Violence

    Root Causes of Domestic Violence

    Conflict Resolution

    Personal Responsibility

    How to Get Involved


    “I was abusive to my first wife.  I hurt my children, family, and friends.  Because of those experiences, I am committed to ending domestic violence and getting more men involved in the process.” Che Sayles, Co-Founder 1911 United


    To learn more, or to schedule an event, please send an email to:


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