Men Against Domestic Violence

As the national debate continues around violence against women, children, and in the workplace, many are left without the resources and direction to adequately address the situation before them. 


Along with telling people that they should never commit an act of violence, equally as important, we must give them the tools through conflict resolution and other means on how to be successful.


As an organization birthed in the leadership of two national fraternities, with a history of achievement and uplift, 1911 United is uniquely positioned to make a difference.


By speaking out against domestic violence on college campuses, and in other places, 1911 United can begin the process of giving young folks the tools they need to be successful in ending domestic violence.  Of particular interest, is reaching men. Men are committing the abuse, men are being abused, but many men have failed to be a part of the solution.                                     



Speaking engagements include partnerships with local and national organizations committed to ending domestic violence.    Topics include, but are not limited to:


What Is Domestic Violence

Root Causes of Domestic Violence

Conflict Resolution

Personal Responsibility

How to Get Involved


“I was abusive to my first wife.  I hurt my children, family, and friends.  Because of those experiences, I am committed to ending domestic violence and getting more men involved in the process.” Che Sayles, Co-Founder 1911 United


To learn more, or to schedule an event, please send an email to: