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Connell Wise is an Black Filipino American who is a social entrepreneur and former Mayoral Appointee, born (February 9,1990) and raised in Washington D.C. He is the youngest of three. Connell Wise was born a sick child and even had a nurse up to the age of 13. Connell grew up being told by others to dream small and that he would be lucky to make it to 30, but Connell’s mother told him to never give up. Connell listened to his mother, one of his personal heroes. Since 16, Connell has started and ran a successful national non-profit organization (United States Youth Chamber of Commerce) for five years.In february of 2013 Connell left the Chamber to focus full time on this education and consulting firm (Connell Wise & Associates,LLP). He has also received a numerous  Mayoral  and Presidential Awards for his service to his nation and city. He has recently overcome blindness and other medical challenges.Recently he has  graduated from Ashworth College School of Business with three  Associate’s Degree in Business Administration,Accounting and Finance. He is currently in his senior year at Marymount University where he is receiving his BS in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Communications & Management with a Minor in Business Administration. He has won numerous awards for his service in his community, Connell is also a (FSO-CM) Staff Officer in the U.S. Coast Guard. Connell has traveled around the world to consult some countries such as India, Slovenia, Russia, and has worked for the Government of Washington D.C. to Boston,MA City Council to the White House. His most recent accomplishment was Represent the United States at the G8 & G20 Youth Forum in Saint Petersburg Russia to communicate the nations position on many issues to young ministers of government from around the world.

Connell assists with bookkeeping along with business incorporation,  financial reporting, Bitcoin Accounting and, political campaign operation clients. Connell is also a member of the American Association of Public Notaries, American Association of Political Consultants and a member of the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers

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