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President Obama embarked on a mission of change nearly 4 years ago. Four years ago he ignited the world by bringing our country to a place of calm and introspection. In keeping with his stated mission, he has made a myriad of overdue and very necessary changes to the nation. With healthcare reform, the rescue of the American auto industry, and an effectively aggressive foreign policy as the signature calling cards of his first term; we all stand at the edge of a pivotal moment in time.

Today our nation flirts with the polarized and misguided policies of the conservative party, while pondering the continuation of greatness. We implore you not to allow the importance of this moment be lost to the comfort of past success. Yes, we elected the first African American president; yes, he is an outstanding family man; yes, he is an example of the heights of success on all levels of education and career; and yes, once history tells the truth, he may go down as the greatest President ever; but the latter is only plausible if we ensure that our President has the opportunity to continue what he has started.

I charge you, leaders of our nation to not be satisfied with that moment in history; to not rest on the laurels of yesteryear's firsts; we charge you to want more, want more change, want more greatness, want four more years for President Obama. 












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