1911 United bids to elect first Bitcoin candidate

Bitcoin provides a unique opportunity for everyday people to participate in a movement that could change the world. The virtual currency is not just a new way to send and receive money - it is a form of financial expression that tears down barriers and bridges people together.

During the upcoming election cycle, we want to throw our support behind a progressive candidate for office who supports Bitcoin, or as we say it, a "Bitcoin candidate". We want to offer everyday people the opportunity to unite and influence the political landscape in a way that allows Bitcoin to be seen for what it is - currency freedom.

However, donating to our organization to support Bitcoin candidates isn't enough. We want to democratize our endorsement process. With your donation, you will receive votes to select which progressive Bitcoin candidate we will support!



To get involved visit: https://www.coinfunder.com/project/view/id/125#sthash.MGl1fTnG.dpuf


If you would like to make a donation via our website instead of Coinfunder.com Please click the donation button below:


Want to learn more about bitcoin? Watch the video below.

You have defended your country and your President, your vote was counted and noted with the re-election of our President. They did everything they could to stop us and our votes, but we prevailed; so it's time to move forward with purpose. 

Stay Engaged, Stay Focused






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