1911 United Super PAC 

We are officially embracing our responsibility to pick up the baton by organizing the Black millennial vote around 2017 and 2018 election cycles on the national, state, and municipal levels. We support candidates who align with our priorities





We are fighting to build a better America by getting out in the streets and attacking our political system at the grass roots level.  The history of change in America has always come from ordinary citizens standing up and fighting to bend the arch of the moral universe toward justice. Through leveraging our previously established network from our campaigning for Obama's re-election in 2012, and our Save our Children Bus Tour in 2013. 



1911 United is continuing that fight. 1911 United is an independent organization focused on educating voters and electing politicians on the municipal, state, and national level who support progressive policies and communities hungry for opportunity. We have many challenges ahead and we are committed to fighting for America's future. We are all responsible for building a better nation. In the spirit of reforming the democratic party, we will be campaigning for the election of Keith Ellison as the DNC Chair in February of 2017. Join Us. As the campaign continues, we will continuously update this site and our social media about this campaign, and more ways that you can get involved. 



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You have defended your country and your President, your vote was counted and noted with the re-election of our President. They did everything they could to stop us and our votes, but we prevailed; so it's time to move forward with purpose. 

Stay Engaged, Stay Focused






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